Border Forest

The Border Forest is literally the wild frontier of four separate regions in the Realms, without truly belonging to any of them. Located north of Daggerdale, it is the Northern border of The Dalelands. It is also the western reaches of the Moonsea cities, particularly Zhentil Keep, which is active within its woods, and of the Cold Lands, rich in their monsters. Lastly, it shares its Western border with Anauroch, the Great Desert, preventing that great waste from expanding any farther eastward.

It was once known as Rystall Wood by the Sylvan elves that lived there for many centuries after the Crown Wars. However, little evidence remains of their civilisation as they built few permanent structures.

The Border Forest is a mixture of pines and patches of oaks and other deciduous trees. The Forest is a mixture of pines, oaks and other deciduous trees. The forest floor is relatively tangled with small trees, scrub, and other undergrowth, making the going difficult.

It is home to a wide variety of creatures, including satyrs, pixies, sprites, and dryads. These creatures tend to be cooler and crueler than their reputation in the South would indicate the sprites are dressed for cooler temperatures, and the satyrs are shaggier to stand up to the cold winter. A number of druid groups have also set up shop within the forest’s edges.

The greatest conflict within the Border Forest is caused by the extensive lumbering by Zhentil Keep out of Snowmantle. The various forest creatures regularly harass the Zhentil Keep operation, leading to reprisals from the humans. During this time the creatures retreat to the hills and the deepest portions of their home forest. The humans take minimal losses and return to tell their masters of a resounding success.
Three months later the satyrs and their allies begin the harassment again. Humans traveling through the Border Forest should make clear whose side they are on. Otherwise, they may be lured into long term servitude by a nixie or dryad.

Border Forest

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