Anathar's Dell

This little-known inn occupies one of the many nameless valleys in southern Daggerdale. Since knowing its whereabouts could well save the lives of beleaguered travelers, know then that Anathar’’s Dell lies just southwest of the red-topped crag that rises into the sky halfway between the northern tip of the Spiderhaunt Woods and serpentsbridge, where the Tethyamar Trail crosses over the Dagger River (as the western Ashaba is sometimes known). The Dell is the only known aboveground holding of the Brightblade dwarves, who have rich silver mines far below the surface here. The mine shafts are concealed by the barns of the self-supporting farm that fills the valley, a collective farm worked by the Blacklock and Talop human families and the Snowgold and Winterwood half-elven families. Dozens of relatives seem to work about the farm secure in the knowledge that their borders are defended against monsters by 10 or more trained hunting cats. These seemingly extreme intelligent giant tigers were gathered or transported from I know not where as cubs, but they have been reared here in utter loyalty to the farm families. These “fangs,” as the folk of the Dell call them, attack any nonhumans or demihumans who approach the farm.

Anathar was a mage who came to Daggerdale long ago. On the spot where the dining hall (an open, pavilion-with-kitchens affair) named for him now stands, he built a small tower near the existing dwarven mine. He offered to defend the dwarves with his magic should they be in need and provide them with ready food and protection for the top of their mine shaft if they in turn agreed to allow him to found a farm where elves, humans, and halflings could dwell and work together. The dwarves agreed only reluctantly but were delighted with the results until a dragon descended on Anathar’s Tower and tore it apart. The wizard perished even as he slew the wyrm. Many of the farm folk fled or were killed, but the dwarves built the survivors a stout stone strong house still to be seen under the largest barn here and asked them to stay. The descendants of that first farm are the families still here today, and Anathar’s Dell still provides a refuge in southern Daggerdale in these times of rebuilding.

Thieves and brigands are warned that dirty work undertaken at the Dell earns instant attack from the farm folk and their cats, the dwarves from below, and any Harpers within reach —and that Those Who Harp track down and enact appropriate justice (whether rough or civil) on any who escape, patiently following the trail for as long as need be.

Since large foraging bands of hobgoblins, bugbears, orcs, and similar predators could live for two winters or more on the food in Anathar’s Dell, the Harpers have deliberately spread word of the strong, Harper-reinforced defenses of the Dell in the Dales and the Moonsea to discourage such bands from being tempted to strike at so rich a prize.

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Anathar's Dell

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