The Exploration Of Faerun

A Half Day Too Late

The party awake early and after a hearty breakfast cooked on the shrines fire they set off to continue with their quest.

As they head onwards the narrow trail opens up slightly, revealing a small campsite. A large rock lies on the opposite end of the camp, flanked by a huge tree stump. They see a crude lean-to built against one tree, and a fire ring lies directly in front of the structure. The coals are cold, the fire is dead, and the camp is still. Inside the lean-to a figure rests inside a bedroll, unmoving as they approach.

They approach cautiously, fruitlessly calling out to the camp although the heavy weight of death surrounds this place. Ultyr Ravenwing readies her weapon and pulls back the bedroll to reveal a half elf male who looks to have been killed by something horrible as upon closer inspection there is no sign of wounds, blood or even the faint smell of poison. The half elf looks completely white and pasty.

Lying next to him are his possessions a sheathed scimitar, a dagger, a diary, a quill pen and inkwell, and a jug of dwarven spirits which the characters decide to take with them.

After a hushed few words to each other they decide that they dare not waste any time here giving this poor soul a burial incase whatever killed him decides to come back. The priest Condar performs a hurried few words and asks his deity to help this poor, lost soul find his way in the afterlife.

Day 1, Travel Along The Northride

The Shadowdale Four set off from The Old Skull Inn at first light. After conferring with Lhaeo and the map he gave them, they surmise that according to the information they have, the long lost tomb is located in a valley to the north called Giants Craw. It was supposedly a landslide which uncovered the crypt.

The party guess that if the weather is fine and encounters are favourable it should take them between three and four days to reach the valley.

Soon setting off, the party pass the usual travellers on the Northride. Most are citizens of Shadowdale who are going about their daily life and for the most part ignore the party.

Not to long after beginning their journey the party see a long procession of carts, wagons and horses approaching from the South West, further along the Northride. As the distance closes between the two groups the party see a band of 6 riders gallop forward from the wagons.

They get closer and the party can see they are all dressed in some sort of livery. Ultyr Ravenwing informs the rest of the party that the riders are Purple Dragons from the kingdom of Cormyr.

A man, the leader, breaks off from the group and heads toward the party. They can see he is wearing full plate mail armour and carrying a sheathed long sword. He introduces himself to the party as Commander Scott Harikon and is currently guiding the House-Merchants of Arabel northward to Shadowdale and beyond.

He offers to sell the Shadowdale Four any items they require and it is during this bartering that Ultyr Ravenwing strikes up a conversation with him as she is also from Cormyr.

After they have stocked up on their provisions the party bid farewell to the caravan and continue onwards.

Later as the sun begins to set the party come across a small stone building with a thatched roof that looks very well maintained. After a close inspection of the outside of the building and the surrounding garden the companions discover that this building is a shrine to four gods (Torm, Chauntea, Silvanus and Mielikki) and decide to pay a homage and rest there for the night.

A Meeting With A Certain Scribe

As the party are finishing their meal and the inn has died down, a tall, thin, stranger wearing wire rimmed spectacles enters the tavern. He looks around and then asks to join the Shadowdale Four at their table.

The party accept and it is then he introduces himself as Lhaeo scribe to the famous sage Elminster.

He then informs the party that he has a quest for them if they are willing to accept. He says that Randall Morn who is the rightfull leader of Daggerdale has been attacked and has vanished when he was searching the tomb of a long dead wizard for a powerful sword.

There was one survivor of Randall’s party called Ariton who managed to escape and alert Lhaeo. He informed Lhaeo that Randall managed to find the sword but when he was exiting the tomb he was attacked by The Zhentarim.

The Zhentarim were defeated with relative ease but it was what happened after that which took everyone by surprise.

Suddenly undead, skeletons, ghouls and zombies began rising from the ground and attacking Randall and his party. Ariton watched on in horror as his friends were all slain and before he ran for help he saw a strange green light envelop Randall.

After discussing it amongst themselves the Shadowdale Four decide that they will accept the quest and try to find Randall Morn and his fellows if any are alive.

Lhaeo is very grateful when the party accepts and asks if they could leave first thing in the morning. He gives the party a magical sword, some potions of extra healing and a map to aid them in finding the long lost tomb.

The Beginning Of The End

It was the same old sort of night in The Old Skull Inn. The usual chairs were taken up with the usual faces. The same old woman is plucking her lyre, singing a sweet melody while a few customers are trying to listen in to her crooning voice.

There is a collection of four people sat around a table enjoying a delicious meal cooked up and served by Turko Breem who are getting to know each other more.

Borloff Ironhand, Condar, Merthan and Ultyr Ravenwing are the newly formed Shadowdale Four and they have just began their future together as friends and companions. Each member has followed a different road to Shadowdale but they have pledged that the road they take out will be together.

It is after they finish their meal that the most important (and perhaps final) chapter of their lives begins…..


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