Sword of the Dales


weapon (melee)

The Sword of the Dales is a long sword +3 crafted of highly polished steel, which gives it a mirror like appearance. The hilt is inlaid with gold and precious gems, and the whole weapon glows with a soft blue radiance.

The sword unlocks all chains and manacles within but only if the wielder utters the word merrydale.

If someone holding the blade is submerged, the sword gives that person the ability to breathe water (as in the water breathing spell). This function can be used only once per day.


Hundreds of years ago the mage lord Shraevyn, knowing he was dying, created a sword of tremendous power. Upon his death the powerful blade disappeared, and no one knew what became of this sword. Most believed it remained hidden in his secret annex when he died. This hideaway
had been lost in history —until now.

Sword of the Dales

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