Jhaele Silvermane

Owner of Old Skull Inn, Shadowdale


Jhaele Silvermane, NG hf F5. HP Jhaele usually wears a leather apron over a white blouse and a leather skirt when working (in this she is AC 7, including a Dexterity bonus). She has also specialized with the thrown dagger, such that she gains a +1 to her attack roll and a +2 to damage when using a thrown dagger or knife (and in her work, one is always close at hand).

Jhaele is a powerful, no-nonsense woman, Jhaele is a fine judge of human nature and more than capable enough to distinguish between those in need and those who are playing on her sympathy. Jhaele had a large family, but all her sons and daughters have moved elsewhere to seek their fortunes. The exception is her eldest, Durgo, who runs the family farm north of the Old Skull


Jhaele Silvermane

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