The Exploration Of Faerun

Watchful Eyes

Beyond the doors is a 30-foot corridor that curves to the North and ends in a hall. The party head on with Borloff and Ultyr leading with weapons drawn.

The hall opens into a vast chamber that is 100 feet long and 50 feet wide. In the centre of the room lies an ornate coffin with brass trim. The lid has been tossed to the floor and lies broken some distance away.

As soon as the pc’s eyes adjust to the light, they see a remarkable sight: a figure hovering over the coffin. The form, a human clad in gray robes and suspended horizontally above the casket, makes no movement and seems to be sleeping. Gray hair hangs down from his head, and his skin seems old and leathery. A faint blue light radiates from the coffin.

Overhead, globes of white radiance shine down, giving the centre of the room an eerie theatrical appearance.

The Shadowdale Four cautiously approach the coffin and attempt to talk with the figure floating over the coffin.

There is no response from the figure and when they try to reach out and touch him their hands pass harmlessly through him. Merthan announces that this must be an illusion. Also according to the history of this place and what Lhaeo told them, then this must be Shraevyn, the maker of this tomb.

As they look into the casket they see the interior is filled with tattered rags. Lying upon them, hilt toward the door, you see the origin of the odd blue glow: a beautiful long sword. A piece of paper is tied around the hilt with what appears to be string.

Suddenly they hear the sickening screech of stone grating against stone, and skeletons burst through the wall into this vast chamber. Eight skeletons (two of which stand above the others) rush toward the party, weapons raised. Four other humanoid creatures lumber slowly forward, their human faces twisted in agony. Judging by their tattered appearance, you quickly deduce that they were probably companions of Randall Morn.

Ultyr Ravenwing grasps the sword in the casket and screams a battle cry before charging headlong into the undead.

Merthan starts to cast burning hands as he knows undead are particularly vulnerable to fire.

Condar draws upon the power of his God by chanting and grasping his holy symbol. He is attempting to stop the undead from coming any closer by the power of his faith to Corellon Larethian.

Borloff rushes into battle alongside Ultyr as his pride will not allow a woman, a human one at that to destroy more of these skeleton than him!

The battle sways back and forth with the might of the Verbeeg Giant Skeletons seemingly too much for the Shadowdale Four. It isnt until Condar manages to turn the zombies and turn his attention back to wiping up the weaker skeletons that the party finally manage to outnumber the Monster Skeletons and eventually destroy them.

After the battle the party are on deaths door and if not for drinking the last of their healing potions that Lhaeo gave them then they would not have survived.

Upon feeling health radiating back around their bodies Ultyr then glances down at the note tied to the handle of the sword she picked up. It reads;
Seek me in Spiderhaunt.
The survival of Daggerdale depends on the return of this blade to my hand.
Send word to my sister, Silver Morn, of whatever should befall me.
– R . M .



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