The Exploration Of Faerun

Unfortunate Endings

After a week of fruitlessly searching the Spiderhaunt Woods for Randall Morn, the rightful leader of Daggerdale, the party give up all hope of finding him at all, never mind alive. So they return to Shadowdale with the Sword of the Dales to inform Lhaeo of their findings.

They knock on the door and suddenly hear ear-splitting banging and crashing followed by a great deal of oaths and mutterings. After a minute Lhaeo opens the door appearing somewhat bedraggled and welcomes the party in.

As they enter they are immediately taken aback by how dirty and un-kept the circular room is. They all guess that an almighty explosion must have been the cause of the ear-splitting banging as every flat surface in the room is covered with paper.

Books, scrolls, notes, memos, little yellow sticky things, atlases, tomes, librams, charts, sketches and all manner of other paperwork completely obscures anything resembling furniture. The only thing visible apart from paper is a spiral staircase in the middle of the room which seems to lead up and down.

Lhaeo says “I assume by the grim looks you are all wearing that you did not fare well?”

The party then explain everything that has befallen them thus far.

Lhaeo thanks the companions for their help and for risking their lives and asks if they would leave the sword with him and he will examine it for any clue to the location of Daggerdales rightful leader.

Just as the pc’s are leaving he asks them if he happens across any further information then could he count on their assisstance, to which the Shadowdale Four pledge their help if it is required.



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