The Exploration Of Faerun

True Calling

After Borloff Ironhand has drank another potion of healing to help heal his badly burned leg the party the walk towards the main door. After completing a riddle which the answer is party unity the Shadowdale Four enter the tomb.

As their eyes become accustomed to the dim light of the chamber, they see a 60-foot-long corridor with a 10-foot-high arched ceiling that leads into darkness beyond the open door. The hallway is oddly illuminated, and when they walk through the door they realize that the source of the light is coming from reddish, glowing balls that seem to be suspended in mid-air above their heads.

Their eyes have barely adjusted to the low light in the room when they notice that the walls are lined with mosaic tiles that create two distinct scenes, one on either wall.

Unlike the rock-strewn landing outside, the interior of the tomb appears well preserved. The only dust they see comes from their own boots, and the polished stone floor appears to lead into a larger chamber just beyond the reach of the light.

The party walk onward in single file following in exactly the same steps as Borloff who is busy searching for more traps.

As the party get further along the corridor, globes of red light activate above their heads, bathing everything in a warm red glow. This glow reveals a large chamber ahead of them.

In the centre of the chamber, there is a huge silver circle, 30 feet in diameter, that has been inlaid into the stone floor. A large sun symbol is set into its center. Ten round, shallow depressions encircle the outer edge of the symbol, and each depression nearly touches a ray from the sun.

Ten small alcoves are set into the walls, five each on the north and south sides of the chamber. A glint in the darkness of each alcove catches your eye. When they move closer to inspect the alcoves, they find a golden three foot tall pot in each one.

A message appears to have been melted into the silver door to the west. In common, it reads: “Some decisions are more lasting than others.

Upon investigation of the ten pots the party quickly deduce that these must be put in the correct order in the shallow depressions on the outer edge of the symbol. The problem is Merthan explains, what are they and in what order?!

After examining each pot they quickly come to realise that this is another riddle as each pot is identical but each one acts in a complete different way upon approaching it. Some examples include;

The golden vessel in this alcove seems to glow brighter as you approach. Just as you reach inside to pick it up, it disappears.

The surface of the jar shimmers for a moment, then reveals the area outside the tomb. The tall statues still stand silent, gazing across the broken shale landscape. The glimmering silver door remains open.

A carving of a skeletal humanoid appears on the surface of the jar. A cracked helm and rusty sword are all that the ghoulish figure carries. It makes no movement, but its ghastly appearance is bone-chilling. The face of the skeleton on the canister appears almost too real for comfort.

The lid of this jar is missing. When you peer inside, you see moist, dark dirt that fills the container about one-third of the way.

Condar inserts his hand into this jar and yelps in pain, instantly withdrawing his hand! As he reached near the bottom of the jar his hand got burnt. Some how there is a fire burning in the bottom of this jar.

It is Merthan the wizard who solves this riddle due to Condar burning his hand. He explains that all elements exist in the jar, there is fire, earth, water and due to the jar only being filled one third of the way then the remaining two thirds are filled with the last element…air.

After he figured out what that jar was signifying he quickly deduced that each pot represents a school of specialization that a wizard could follow and that they must be placed on the depressions across from their opposite school.

When Ultyr places the last jar in the correct place a bright silver light illuminates the sunburst symbol, and the metal doors to the west creak and groan as they swing inward. The hinges, coated with centuries of rust, shriek through the complex as the heavy doors finally slam against the wall with a hollow “thud.”




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