The Exploration Of Faerun


After the party recover from the shock of finding out, that the dead Half-elf is in fact Condar’s uncle Adoven, they all agree that they will try and find out what the danger to Border Forest is and if it is within their means they will attempt to vanquish it.

After studying the map the PC’s received from Lhaeo during the last adventure they soon realise that Border Forest & Dagger Falls is to the north. They decide to travel West along the Northride and then turn North and follow Tethyamar Trail.
They deduce it will take 1 day to reach the junction and the Shrine of the four Gods. It will then take a further five days of travelling to reach Dagger Falls or six if they head straight for Border Forest.

Later that afternoon after gathering supplies and saying their goodbyes they set off along the Northride. As they progress on foot they see the usual farmers, labourers and peasants going about their business but encounter no one of any importance.

It is beginning to get dark when they come to the start of Tethyamar Trail and the shrine to the four gods. It doesnt take much discussion for them all to agree that it would be best if they rest here again for the night and set off in the morning.



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