The Exploration Of Faerun

First Day Of Hammer 1368 DR

The companions all awaken in their separate rooms at The Old Skull Inn at roughly the same time feeling bitterly cold and hearing a shrill blizzard raging outside. When they look out the window they see nothing but pure white snow blanketing everything from trees to buildings and even a couple of early risers who are struggling in the ankle deep snow.

It is only then that they remember that today is the First-day of Hammer and suddenly the reason for their pounding headache and queasy stomach comes flooding back! Today is the start of what is commonly known as Deepwinter. It is now 1368 by Dale Reckoning and officially titled The Year of the Banner. Last night was the end of The Year of the Shield and they all drank so much that they seem to have forgotten the final night of that year!

After they find the courage to crawl out of bed, they all bathe (even Borloff!) After staying here for over 10 nights in total, they still find it quite remarkable that instead of the usual time and energy required to draw enough water for a bath, then hassle of having to heat it, all they have to do in this fine establishment, is pick up what looks like a twig, point it toward the bath and say the command word Caeet. (pronounced Ka-eet)

After they bathe, they are feeling more healthy and decide to head down to the taproom for Turko Breem’s delicious breakfast. A table is covered in a fine selection of white and brown breads, mixed cheeses, hams and even a selection of imported fruits from far off exotic lands. For drink there is cow and goat’s milk, and the more popular small beer. (Contains very little alcohol, safer to drink than non purified water for commoners and peasants).
Just as they finish eating, the tavern door opens and in walks a human female standing just over 5ft tall and of a lithe build. She is dressed up in a bright, long sleeved robe of yellow, red and pink. She also has a headpiece which is sat towards the back of her head in an attempt to emulate a rising sun.

Condar knows this to be a sunrobe, the priestly vestments of Lathander the Morninglord.

She strides toward their table and says “Good morning adventurers, I am Abbey the Dawnbringer a follower of Lathander the Morninglord. I apologise for the intrusion but” and she gazes towards Condar. “A letter has arrived for you Condar, follower of Corellon Larethian. It is being held for you at Morningdawn Hall by Dawngreeter Rewel Thunderstorm. If possible he requests that you attend him at noon after he has finished assisting the High Dawnlord in the daily prayers to the Morninglord.”

She informs the PC’s that the temple can be found to the west just before they reach Hangman’s Knoll. After that she leaves as she knows nothing more.

The party decide that they will all go to collect the letter as although they have been in Shadowdale for a while none of them except Condar have visited Morningdawn Hall and it is meant to be a majestic sight to behold.

When the Shadowdale Four come within sight of the temple they set eyes on what people call the most visually stunning building in all of Shadowdale. It rises from the surrounding countryside in the shape of a phoenix, facing west. Its wings become two great turrets which command a view of the surrounding area. From their time in Shadowdale they have overheard that the head and neck of the great bird contain the sleeping rooms and offices. It is noticed by Ultyr that this is true because as they get closer she observes that the entire back of the bird is translucent. It is made from rose-tinted glass, which if the tales are true, is magically strengthened and is allegedly unbreakable.

As the party arrive at the door to the temple they are welcomed by a man they recognise from their nights spent frequenting the taproom at the tavern. He is they are aware, a good faithful Lathanderian who is well liked by the community.

“Greetings follower of Corellon Larethian, First of the Seldarine and friends. I am Dawngreeter Rewel Thunderstorm, I believe you have been made aware that I hold a missive which is addressed to you Condar?”

He then produces the letter and informs the PC’s that it arrived at the break of dawn with a passing caravan.

He excuses himself after handing over the letter and offers his help if it may be required in the future.

The letter is sealed with a wax stamp which Condar recognises as being his Uncle Finlintwar’s. It reads;

Dear Condar,

It is as you have no doubt already guessed your Uncle Finlintwar. I hope this missive finds you and your companions in good health and good spirits. All is well here with your Aunt and cousin just the usual hustle and bustle of a wheelwright’s life. How goes it preaching the word of the Protector? Your departure has seemed to have spurred Alandril into looking towards his future and I fear he may soon take up the sword and wander the plains rather than pick up the tools of a wheelwright.

Anyway, the main reason for this correspondence is that my brother Adoven who went missing over 30 years ago who we feared dead has reappeared!

Your Aunt nearly died of shock when she opened the door to him! Oh, its great news and you will love him, he is just like you but alas it’s all still a bit mysterious.

He only stayed the one night and left before we arose in the morning. He kept repeating that he needed to find you as he needed you and your friends help. Unfortunately with what, he did not disclose.

I instructed him that he could find you in Shadowdale, so he should be arriving any day now. (But with this Dalelands post he probably arrived a month ago! Hahahaha) you need not worry about recognising him as he will know you before he even lays eyes on you due to his pesky mind reading! I will leave that for him to explain. But be warned DO NOT be thinking any dirty thoughts in his company as he doesnt take to kindly to that! Haha

We are all looking forward to hearing back from you in any case, take care.

Your Uncle Finlintwar

P.S Tell your Uncle I want my jug of dwarven spirits and horse back!!!!!!



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