The Exploration Of Faerun

Finding Adoven

The party are rather intrigued as to what Condar’s long lost uncle Adoven could want so they decide that the best place to wait for him is back at The Old Skull Inn.

After two days of hanging around with no sign of Adoven the companions, (especially Condar) begin to get a bit restless and even slightly worried as according to the letter Adoven should have arrived by now.

With still no sign, the PC’s decide that they are going to split up and try and find any information on Condar’s long awaited Uncle. Merthan stays at The Old Skull Inn in case Adoven turns up there, while the other three ask around town to see if anyone has any information.

It is while Merthan is waiting that he decides to read through the diary, which belonged to the dead Half-Elf they stumbled upon a few weeks back. He is bored hanging around, doing nothing and wants to try and find any clue as to who the poor soul was, so he can send the diary home to his family.

He is unsurprised, that the diary contains mundane details, of random travels around the Dalelands. There are names of different towns and villages but they are random in order. One page it describes Testledale to the South and the next is Daggerdale to the North. It doesnt seem to be written in order of any journey taken but rather just a collection of information. It is surprising though, that no names are mentioned in the book whatsoever.

Merthan is just about to close the book when his peripheral vision spots a dim glow coming from one of the pages. He quickly flips through the book to the page he believes gave off the dim glow, but alas its just another page about mundane travels. He sits down at the desk in his room and begins to concentrate, he knows there is something not quite right but cannot place his finger on it.

He then decides to cast a spell called Detect Magic, which will make all magical things glow and sure enough, the page gives off a very faint glow. He begins to realise that there is a form of alteration magic at work here and he suspects that the spell Secret Page may have been cast.

It is at that moment, that the other party members arrive back at the inn looking as though they have had no luck with the search for Adoven.

Excitedly Merthan explains what he has found in the diary, and goes on to explain that Secret Page is a spell Wizards use to hide the exact text on a page and it is only visible when the command word is spoken.

Borloff then asks what the command word is, which leaves Merthan dumbfounded. “I uh, dont, exactly know yet….” replies Merthan.
“So, its of no use to anybody then is, it” says Borloff gruffly.
“I suppose not,” replies Merthan, feeling all that excitement deflate out of him. “The command word or at least some clue must be here with the rest of his belongings though”.

Ultyr Ravenwing reaches into her backpack and pulls out what looks to be a bookmark.
“Here you are Merthan, maybe this could help.” she says as she hands across the bookmark. “I found it in that diary a few days ago and saw there was a riddle scribbled on it and have been trying to figure it out ever since. No such luck im afraid, maybe you can figure it out.”

Merthan looks at the scribbled riddle which reads;
I am a Friend but not an Ally,
I would never Defend but will always Attack.

I will Mend but never Tear,
I will not Break, I am always Intact.

I’m a victim of Love rather than Hate,
I’m not an Elder but still a Youth.

He cant figure it out and passes it to Condar and Borloff hoping they may be able to figure it out. After a few seconds Condar chuckles and says “family” or “Arael’Sha in elvish”.

As soon as he says it , the words and letters on the page begin to change. They move and writhe across the page like snakes and after a few seconds they begin to form new words.

The new page reads;

Ah it was glorious to see Fin and his family again! I can’t believe it has been 30 years since last I laid eyes upon them! Still I have never glimpsed young Condar, as if I remember correctly he didn’t live with Fin back then. A pity seeing them was under such dark circumstances, I only hope my brother is not exaggerating about how brave and honourable Condar and his fellow companions are, as the threat to the nature of Border Forest must not be taken lightly! It is essential the evil is vanquished before it spreads to Dagger Falls!

I can only imagine what would happen should it manage to spread and join with the evil Zhentarim and their puppet Constable Tren of Dagger Falls! If they join forces then I fear it could be the end for Shadowdale and then if she falls, the rest of the Dales would surely follow suit!


Luckily I have my trusty weapons… they may be the edge we need to win. Anyway I should be in Shadowdale in 2 days and then I can try and gather the young hero’s and ask them to help attempt to stop this evil from spreading before it becomes too late. If they refuse…. well I will just have to swallow my pride and ask Kessla for help. If she has forgiven me…..





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