The Exploration Of Faerun

A Half Day Too Late

The party awake early and after a hearty breakfast cooked on the shrines fire they set off to continue with their quest.

As they head onwards the narrow trail opens up slightly, revealing a small campsite. A large rock lies on the opposite end of the camp, flanked by a huge tree stump. They see a crude lean-to built against one tree, and a fire ring lies directly in front of the structure. The coals are cold, the fire is dead, and the camp is still. Inside the lean-to a figure rests inside a bedroll, unmoving as they approach.

They approach cautiously, fruitlessly calling out to the camp although the heavy weight of death surrounds this place. Ultyr Ravenwing readies her weapon and pulls back the bedroll to reveal a half elf male who looks to have been killed by something horrible as upon closer inspection there is no sign of wounds, blood or even the faint smell of poison. The half elf looks completely white and pasty.

Lying next to him are his possessions a sheathed scimitar, a dagger, a diary, a quill pen and inkwell, and a jug of dwarven spirits which the characters decide to take with them.

After a hushed few words to each other they decide that they dare not waste any time here giving this poor soul a burial incase whatever killed him decides to come back. The priest Condar performs a hurried few words and asks his deity to help this poor, lost soul find his way in the afterlife.



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